Pottery Workshop
Potters Wheel        Sessions

2 hour sessions for £30 per person

Up to 4 people per session

Learn basic throwing techniques to allow you to produce a wheel thrown creation.

It may be wobbly but very unique to you!

In the session you will learn how to prepare your clay, centre on the wheel, open up and pull up to form your pot. You may need to try a few times and at the end of your session will choose your best 2 pieces to be fired and glazed.

Extra pots are charged at £5 per pot.

Specialty glazing £5 per pot.

Pots will be ready for collection in approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

Daytime Sessions

Monday - Friday: ​10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm

Evening and weekend sessions available on request


To Book our workshops contact:

Maria 07752054619

or drop us a message by Email, Facebook or Instagram

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